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Case Study: McLaren Technology Centre Pool Restoration Project

In 2010, the renowned McLaren Technology Centre partnered with BROMOCO for the restoration of its facilities. The core mission of this project was to restore and protect the swimming pool that had been plagued by stainless steel corrosion issues.

overview of McLaren's Technology Center
McLaren Technology Center

As early as 2009, McLaren proactively reached out to us, seeking the perfect solution to address this challenge. In the project's initial phases, our team closely collaborated with McLaren to develop a comprehensive restoration and protection plan. We not only provided efficient stainless steel restoration techniques but also introduced innovative protective systems to ensure the sustained excellence of the pool area. Today, even after more than a decade, this system continues to perform exceptionally. The McLaren Technology Centre Pool Restoration Project once again demonstrates BROMOCO's restoration and protection systems, which maintain outstanding performance and extend the facility's lifespan even after years of use. This enduring performance is one of the core attributes of our solutions.

BROMOCO's McLaren Technology Center Stainless Steel Project

Furthermore, as industry leaders in stainless steel protection, we are committed to maintaining our leading position. Just as McLaren pursues high standards and exceptional performance on Formula 1 race tracks, BROMOCO's products are synonymous with excellence. We, together with McLaren, are dedicated to designing, developing, and producing all our products and systems according to the highest industry standards. Our partnership not only shines in the technical realm but also reflects our shared values. We firmly believe that sustainability is the future, and just as McLaren innovates in the world of racing, we continuously innovate in the coating field, committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions.

BROMOCO's McLaren Technology Center Stainless Steel Project

Through close collaboration with McLaren, we have not only resolved their issues but also continually improved our solutions based on their feedback. This open channel of communication helps us better meet our customers' needs and deliver customized services. It reflects our unwavering commitment to our customers and further solidifies our reputation in the industry, attracting more clients seeking our solutions.


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