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Case Study: Canary Wharf Stainless Steel Cleaning & Maintenance Project

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Canary Wharf Management has chosen BROMOCO to provide stainless steel cleaning and maintenance solutions, including addressing rust, stains, and tea marks that are difficult to remove on stainless steel bollards. They have also applied durable protective coatings to prevent these issues from recurring.

Canary Wharf Logo

For a long time, London's Canary Wharf, known for its modern and stylish appearance, has been plagued by these stains, leading to significant aesthetic issues. As managers committed to excellence, Canary Wharf Management has chosen BROMOCO, which shares the same commitment to excellence, to address this problem. It turns out that BROMOCO's expertise and solutions have perfectly resolved this issue, extending their services to various stainless steel structures throughout Canary Wharf.

Canary Wharf - A Modern Landmark

Canary Wharf, situated in London, is a prominent financial district known for its towering skyscrapers, elegant architecture, and vibrant urban atmosphere. The management of Canary Wharf is committed to maintaining the pristine appearance of the area, and the aesthetic appeal of its stainless steel structures was of utmost importance.

Challenges Faced

The stainless steel bollards in Canary Wharf were suffering from browning and tea-staining, which not only detracted from their visual appeal but also posed a maintenance concern. The corrosive effects of the environment were causing these issues, leading to the need for an effective solution.

BROMOCO's Solution

BROMOCO offered two key products to tackle the issues at Canary Wharf:

ERW-XL application effect demonstration

  • ERW-XL Rust Remover and Cleaning Solution: ERW-XL is a concentrated deep cleaner specifically formulated for stainless steel and iron stain removal from hard surfaces. It was chosen to address the browning and rust staining on the stainless steel bollards. What makes ERW-XL exceptional is its safe and non-hazardous formula, which effectively removes stains without harming the stainless steel surface or the environment.

Thermal & Electrical Insulation Test: After cooling condensation does not appear on the EPC-7460A coated section (right)
Thermal & Electrical Insulation Test: Not appear cooling condensation on the EPC-7460A coated section (right)

  • EPC 7460A Stainless Steel Protection Coating: EPC 7460A is a crystal-clear, one-part, air-cured coating designed exclusively for stainless steel. This coating provides robust protection against various elements, including oxidization, staining, fingerprints, browning, tea-staining, acid, and bleaches. It was applied to ensure that the stainless steel surfaces remained pristine and resistant to future corrosion.

Environmental Benefits

  • VOC Compliance: ERW-XL complies with volatile organic compound (VOC) quotas, contributing to improved air quality by reducing harmful emissions. This aligns with environmental regulations set by local authorities and organizations concerned with air quality.

  • Occupational Safety and Health: By using a water-based cleaner, the project adhered to HSE and OSHA (USA) regulations, ensuring the safety and well-being of workers involved in the cleaning process.

  • Sustainability: ERW-XL's water-based formulation demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. It minimizes the project's impact on the environment. This approach significantly reduces emissions and waste associated with the cleaning process, promoting a greener and more eco-friendly solution for stainless steel maintenance.

  • Future Regulatory Planning: As environmental regulations become increasingly stringent, BROMOCO's use of ERW-XL positions Canary Wharf for the future. It anticipates and meets potential regulatory limitations on volatile compounds, ensuring ongoing compliance and sustainability.

  • Reduced Odor: Water-based cleaners like ERW-XL are known for their minimal odor, improving the overall experience for those in the vicinity during the cleaning and maintenance process.

Results and Expansion

After the successful completion of the restoration and protection project on the stainless steel bollards, Canary Wharf Management recognized the effectiveness of BROMOCO's solutions. As a result, they decided to extend their partnership and carry out similar projects across various areas within Canary Wharf. These included handrails, lighting fixtures, bridges, gates, and even the iconic clocks outside Canada House.

Canary Wharf Restoration Project Results Showcase

BROMOCO‘s ERW-XL and EPC-7460A played a role in transforming the look and protecting of the stainless steel structures, in Canary Wharf. These products effectively dealt with issues like browning and tea staining not only restoring the appeal of the area but also providing long lasting protection against future corrosion.

This case study demonstrates the successful collaboration between BROMOCO and Canary Wharf Management, highlighting the importance of using high-quality, environmentally friendly solutions in stainless steel maintenance and preservation projects, while also meeting regulatory standards and contributing to a sustainable future.


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