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SENTINEL Roof Seal and Protect System

BROMOCO'S SENTINEL Roof Seal System has been specifically designed to protect roof tiles for upwards of 10 years

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SENTINEL Roof Sealer with Silver Ion Technology

SENTINEL Roof Sealer is a one pack coating system designed to seal and protect roof tiles to ensure that no organic material can grow onthe roof and dmage the tiles. The growth of moss, mould, algae and lichen are not only unsightly, they increase te chance of damage through freeze thaw and cracking.
The system is easy to apply, long lasting, and first in class for ensuring no future growth.

Prior to applying SENTINAL Roof Sealer, first the tiles must be cleaned of any growth.  You can use your cleaner or algecide of choice, but for newer tiles with minimal growth, we can offer our SENTINEL Roof Cleaner to prepare the tiles.

Once all growth has been removed, the tiles are ready for coating with SENTINEL Roof Sealer. 
The coating technology in SENTINEL creates a flexible hydrophobic barrier that ensures no water ingress into the tile. Further more, the Silver Ion Technology inbedded in the coating adds an aditinal antimicrobial protection to ensure that algae, moss, lichen and any other organic material cannot grow on the surface.

Once coated, the tiles are protected from:





Water ingress

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Protection that goes beyond the roof

As well as protecting the tiles, SENTINEL Roof Sealer also helps maintain the efficiency of rain water drainage systems in two way:


The seal created with SENTINEL creates a hydrophobic layer across the surface. This encourages water to flow more freely across the surface of the tiles and into the drainage systems ensuring less standing water time.

Gutters and water pipes are often clogged up with moss blown from roof tiles, which in turn leaves water sitting, and freezing, in the guttering.  This can cause damage to the system and water to overflow where it shouldn't. 

By applying SENTINEL to your roof tiles, no moss grows in the first place. This ensures that your water drainage systems remain clog free allowing water to flow freely.

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SENTINEL Roof Sealer is available in two diferent finishes, depending on the desired finsih. 

The Gloss finish adds an elemntal of shine to the surface and we have found customers light the way it makes their roof stand out from others arund them.

The Satin finish does its best to replicate the finsh that was already on the tile. While you will notice the difference between a coated and uncated tile next to each other, when o nthe roof you would not know there was anything on the tile at all.

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