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BROMOCO International


BROMOCO Internation: Sole Distributor of BROMOCO Products Worldwide

We have been been developing and supplying quality products and systems for over 12 years and have more than twice outlived our guarantee period.

We provide products and solution worldwide for the restoration and maintenance of all metal and coated substrates.

A pioneer in the industry, we offer a complete range of architectural and maintenance products that help extend the life and increase the value as well as enhance the beauty of exterior and interior architectural surfaces.


We are specialised in providing products for the restoration and upkeep of stainless steel, aluminium, anodised, powder coating, windows, curtain walling and cladding, as well as brass, copper and glass treatments for metal clad buildings, swimming pools, industrial and retail units.

Our commitment is to provide a high quality product, so we develop the most advanced technologies and bespoke systems along with a commitment to research. As a result provide exceptional, unrivalled long lasting results.

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