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Corten Steel


We are passionate about showcasing the end result of a project and this is the most effective way to highlight the superior performance of our products in harsh environments and outstanding service.

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Why Varnish and Lacquer Fail to Protect Corten Steel

In this article, we will show the adverse effects of using varnish or lacquer as a protective coating for Corten steel and suggest the best solutions for protecting Corten steel.


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Collaborative project with Basha-Franklin in London

Basha-Franklin's innovative facade for 25 Hanover Square blends Portland limestone with pre-patinated Corten steel, using BROMOCO International's advanced sealants to prevent staining. Facade work begins early 2024.

Basha-Franklin & BROMOCO Test Materials on 25 Hanover Square
Collaborative Corten project with Soto Architecture & Urban Design in Washington, D.C.


Collaborative project with Soto Architecture & Urban Design in Washington, D.C.

Soto was particularly impressed with BROMOCO's Rust Accelerator XL-08 and used ERW-BD Rust Neutraliser and CT-7571-W Eco-Friendly Corten Steel Sealer to achieve the best results.

BROMOCO: Solutions that Make a Difference

Unparalleled Quality

From the initial concept to the final product launch, BROMOCO is committed to optimizing processes and activities, ensuring the highest quality for our customers. Our expertise in Corten steel protection ensures that this unique material maintains its aesthetic appeal while receiving superior protection against weathering, erosion, and environmental damage. Our Corten steel solution is specially designed to enhance the durability and longevity of Corten steel structures, providing a uniform, resilient finish.

Exceeding Expectations

At BROMOCO, we value our clients and their feedback, striving to exceed their expectations. Our services are customized to address the specific needs and preferences of each client, ensuring the optimal performance and appearance of Corten steel structures. We maintain open and honest communication, always ready to assist with any issues or inquiries. With BROMOCO, you can expect exceptional results and unparalleled customer service, making your Corten steel projects a lasting success.

Commitment to  Environment

BROMOCO actively engages in projects that reduce the environmental footprint of both products and processes, aligning with our commitment to protect our planet. Our Corten steel solutions are designed to minimize maintenance and replacement needs, thus reducing waste and the environmental impact associated with frequent repairs. By choosing BROMOCO, you contribute to sustainable building practices that preserve natural resources and promote environmental stewardship.

Your Strategic Partner

We pride ourselves on being more than just a supplier; we are strategic partners. Our goal is to provide efficient and tangible solutions to meet your unique challenges and requirements. For Corten steel projects, this means delivering coatings that not only protect but also enhance the natural beauty of the steel, ensuring it withstands the test of time even in the most demanding conditions. Trust BROMOCO to safeguard your investment with our industry-leading expertise and dedicated support.

If you’d like more information about our Product or Service, get in touch today.

Image by Yana Marudova


Is BROMOCO's Corten solution environmentally friendly?

Yes, BROMOCO actively engages in projects that reduce the environmental footprint of products and processes. Our protective coatings for Corten steel are designed to minimize maintenance and replacements, reducing waste and promoting sustainable building practices.

Why should I avoid using varnish and lacquer on Corten steel?

Varnish and lacquer fail to provide uniform coverage and durable protection for Corten steel. They can erode quickly, leaving the steel exposed to further weathering and requiring frequent maintenance. BROMOCO's protective solutions offer superior, long-lasting protection.

How often will I need to reapply BROMOCO's protective coating?

BROMOCO's protective coatings come with a 5-year warranty, but they have been proven to provide effective protection for over 10 years. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance and reapplication, saving time and resources.

How does BROMOCO's CT-7571 coating handle the steel's thermal expansion and contraction?

The film formed by CT-7571 is highly flexible and can accommodate the thermal expansion and contraction of Corten steel, preventing cracks and maintaining the integrity of the protective coating over time.

Can BROMOCO's protective coating be applied to already weathered Corten steel?

Yes, BROMOCO's CT-7571 coating is designed to be applied after Corten steel has reached its desired level of weathering. This ensures that the steel's aesthetic is preserved while providing a durable protective layer to prevent further erosion.

What kind of weather conditions can BROMOCO's coating withstand?

BROMOCO's protective coating is highly resistant to harsh weather conditions, including acid rain, salt spray, graffiti, bird droppings, and UV radiation. It is specifically designed to perform well in inclement weather, such as that found in the UK.

How does BROMOCO's solution affect the appearance of Corten steel?

BROMOCO's CT-7571 coating preserves the natural, weathered appearance of Corten steel while providing a clear, protective layer. This ensures the aesthetic appeal of the steel is maintained without compromising on protection.

Can BROMOCO's coating be reapplied if necessary?

Yes, BROMOCO's CT-7571 coating can be reapplied if necessary. The process is straightforward and involves using specialized cleaning agents that do not harm the finish, ensuring that the coating can be effectively renewed without extensive preparation.

How does BROMOCO support clients during the project?

BROMOCO prides itself on being a strategic partner, offering customized solutions and ongoing support. We maintain open communication with our clients, providing guidance and assistance throughout the project to ensure the best possible results.

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