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BCP 2991S - Copper & Brass Sealer

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Acid resistant 1.png

Guaranteed up to 5 years and can be maintained indefinitely

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Dries cystal clear and virtually invisible to the naked eye

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Guaranteed not to crack, peel or fade

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Resistant to Acids, Bleaches, Bird droppings and Acid rain

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Built in antioxidants to protect the surface

Comes ready to use and only requires a single coat, regardless of the environment

Results in 30 minutes *

Built in protection against UV for the coating and, if needed, for the surface 

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Same day dispatch and next day delivery available

Inbuild fingerprint resistance. No more fingerprint staining

100% waterproof

BCP 2991S is a high-performance sealer for copper and brass for both external and internal use.

At only 12 microns thick this durable film coating is virtually invisible to the naked eye and serves to enhance the beauty of the base material and finish.

Unlike a lacquer BCP 2991S remains flexible throughout its life and is guaranteed to not crack or peel. It also includes built in UV protectors so the coating will not discolour or yellow.


BCP 2991S contains elevated levels of anti-oxidants preventing tarnish of the protected surface, also providing protection from bleaches, acids, bird droppings, acid rain and salt air.
Correctly applied, and after the surface has been cleaned with ERW-BD, the coating will be touch dry in *30 minutes and fully cured in 8 hours. It then has a lifespan of more than 5 years.

1 litre of coating gives a coverage of between 35-40 square metres, nearly 4 times the same coverage of other products.

Please note: BCP2991S is NOT a cleaner. Surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly to the desired standard prior to application of the sealer.

BCP 2991S
Copper & Brass
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