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Copper & Brass Sealer

BCP 2991 is a high-performance sealer for copper and brass, providing invisible, flexible protection. Its thin coating enhances material beauty, prevents cracking, and includes built-in UV protection. With elevated anti-oxidants, it guards against tarnish, bleaches, acids, and environmental elements. 

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about bcp-2991s brass sealer bromoco

About BCP-2991 

BCP 2991 is a high-performance sealer for copper and brass for both external and internal use.

At only 12 microns thick this durable film coating is virtually invisible to the naked eye and serves to enhance the beauty of the base material and finish.

Unlike a lacquer BCP 2991 remains flexible throughout its life and is guaranteed to not crack or peel. It also includes built in UV protectors so the coating will not discolour or yellow.

The BCP 2991 is available in two versions, the BCP-2991-S will create a crystal clear mirror finish to the substrate, while the BCP-2991-A completely restores the substrate to its own state, making it suitable for any application where a non-mirror finish is required.


BCP 2991 contains elevated levels of anti-oxidants preventing tarnish of the protected surface, also providing protection from bleaches, acids, bird droppings, acid rain and salt air.
Correctly applied, and after the surface has been cleaned with ERW-BD, the coating will be touch dry in *30 minutes and fully cured in 8 hours. It then has a lifespan of more than 5 years.

1 litre of coating gives a coverage of between 35-40 square metres, nearly 4 times the same coverage of other products.

Please note: BCP-2991 is NOT a cleaner. Surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly to the desired standard prior to application of the sealer. Please see ERW-BD Hard Surface Biodegradable Degreaser

BCP-2991S long-term protection brass sealer bromoco

long-term protection

BCP-2991 ensures a lasting defense, with a guarantee of over 5 years against cracking, peeling, and fading. The coating's built-in antioxidants shield surfaces from acids, bleaches, bird droppings, and acid rain, providing robust resistance.

BCP-2991S uv protection brass sealer bromoco

UV protection

BCP-2991 features built-in UV protection, safeguarding both the coating and the surface from discoloration. This additional defense ensures prolonged aesthetic appeal and performance.

BCP-2991S crystal clear and invisibility brass sealer bromoco

Crystal clear &  invisibility

BCP-2991 dries crystal clear, remaining virtually invisible to the naked eye. This transparency enhances the material's natural beauty without compromising its durability.

BCP-2991S effortless maintenance brass sealer bromoco

Effortless maintenance

BCP-2991 coated surfaces are easy to maintain, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups. This simplifies upkeep for users, addressing a key demand for low-maintenance solutions in the market.

BCP-2991S quick and easy application brass sealer bromoco

Quick & easy application

BCP-2991 is ready to use, requiring only a single coat for comprehensive protection. Its efficient formula ensures touch dry results in just 30 minutes, streamlining the application process.

BCP-2991S waterproof and fingerprint-resistant brass sealer bromoco

Waterproof & fingerprint-resistant

BCP-2991 offers 100% waterproof protection and inbuilt resistance against fingerprints, eliminating staining concerns. This feature enhances the coating's practicality for various environments.

Copper/Brass Projects

What's New:

  • London Plimsoll Building Brass Project

  • Coventry Manufacturing Company HQ Copper Cladding Restoration

Project Highlights

BCP-2991S Copper & Brass Restoration and Protective Coating Project High Lights
BCP-2991S Copper & Brass Restoration and Protective Coating Project High Lights
BCP-2991S Copper & Brass Restoration and Protective Coating Project High Lights

Can I use WD-40 to protect the brass?


How do you keep copper and brass from tarnishing?

All you need to do is apply BCP-2991 after cleaning with ERW-BD, a protective coating for copper and brass that not only prevents copper and brass from discolouring, but also protects them from environmental, chemical and human-induced aggressions. It maintains its lustre and aesthetics even in harsh environments and enhances its weather resistance. 

Can I use wax to prevent copper and brass from tarnishing or losing their shine?

As we have emphasised many times, while you can certainly prevent tarnishing and enhance the shine of brass with frequent applications of wax, its short life and the subsequent problems it causes when you stop using it make it rather less cost-effective. Therefore, for long-term protection and reduced maintenance, we recommend BCP-2991, which not only protects the brass surface, adds lustre and visual aesthetics, but also maintains the performance and health of the brass for years or even a decade with just normal cleaning.

The WD-40 is an excellent product that helps to help brass look its best. If you want the brass to maintain this optimum condition all the time instead of losing its lustre over time, BCP-2991 is recommended to protect the brass surface. An authorised application will give the surface over 5 years of lustre and protection, with much evidence of protection already in excess of 10 years.

How do you protect brass or copper from oxidation?

After you have completely cleaned the copper or brass surface with ERW-BD, you should overcoat the surface with BCP-2991 to prevent it from oxidising. You should apply it in a sequential manner to avoid missing any part. If you find that a spot has not been coated, avoid filling it directly and apply it during the second overcoat. This will ensure that BCP-2991 will form a complete surface protection.

Will clear coat keep brass or copper from tarnishing?

When copper and brass come into contact with air and atmospheric moisture, a reaction occurs, leading to surface discoloration. The reason clear coating is believed to prevent discoloration is that it appears to help form a barrier between the metal and the air. However, this is not entirely accurate, as clear coatings cannot completely prevent the entry of air and water; they can only slow down the discoloration process to some extent. Moreover, their chemical composition may potentially damage the surface, resulting in irreversible chemical harm. The correct approach is to apply BCP-2991, a protective sealer specifically designed for copper and brass.

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