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Wash & Coat System

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The Ultimate Wash and Coat System for
Metal Cladding & Powder Coating

As the first systems developed exclusively by BROMOCO and released to the open market, SemGuard ultimate wash and coat system for metal cladding and powder coating is a testament to two decades of innovation, research, and development.

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Our Features

Cutting-Edge Microbead Technology

SemGuard boasts two decades of meticulous development, incorporating our exclusive "microbead technology." These microscopic beads penetrate and lift even the most stubborn dirt and grime, ensuring an unparalleled level of deep cleaning. This groundbreaking technology sets SemGuard apart, providing a superior cleaning experience that goes beyond the surface.

Versatile Application on All Surfaces

SemGuard is a versatile building deep cleaning and finishing product designed to shine and protect. Developed with over 10 years of expertise, it is safe for use on all surfaces, making it the ideal choice for metal cladding, painted finishes, rubber, vinyl, and plastic components. Its adaptability ensures a consistent and reliable performance across a variety of materials.

Aquaphobic Finish for Long-Lasting Protection

SemGuard doesn't just clean; it protects with finesse. Its bio-degradable composition leaves an aquaphobic finish, ensuring that water rolls off surfaces. This not only maintains the cleanliness achieved but also provides long-lasting protection against future dirt and grime buildup. SemGuard goes beyond immediate results, offering sustained protection over time.

50:1 Dilution for Cost-Effective Solutions

SemGuard's high concentrate and 50:1 dilution ratio make it a cost-effective solution for deep cleaning and protection. A little goes a long way, allowing users to maximize the product's efficiency. This concentration ensures that SemGuard delivers exceptional results while being mindful of budget considerations.

Gentle yet Powerful pH Balanced Formula

Crafted with precision, SemGuard features a pH balanced, non-detergent formula. This gentle yet powerful solution effectively removes the toughest city grime without compromising the integrity of the original finish protection. Whether it's painted surfaces, rubber, vinyl, or plastic components, SemGuard ensures a thorough clean without causing damage.

Extreme Soaping/Foaming Action for Superior Clean

Years of engineering excellence have led to the creation of SemGuard's concentrated formula. This powerhouse concentrate features extreme soaping/foaming action, ensuring a deep, thorough clean that emulsifies even the toughest dirt and grime. SemGuard's ability to create a rich lather enhances its cleaning effectiveness, leaving surfaces brilliantly clean and protected.

Non-Acidic and Safe for Delicate Finishes

With SemGuard, there's no compromise on safety. The non-acidic formula ensures that delicate finishes are preserved during the cleaning process. Whether it's painted surfaces, rubber, vinyl, or plastic components, SemGuard's commitment to being gentle yet effective makes it the ideal choice for maintaining the aesthetics of various materials.

Proven Effectiveness Over a Decade

The longevity of SemGuard's development is a testament to its proven effectiveness. With over 10 years of continuous refinement and innovation, SemGuard has become synonymous with reliability. Customers can trust that SemGuard will consistently deliver superior cleaning and protection, backed by a decade of success in the field.

Two Decades of Excellence

Rapid Results for Urgent Needs

SemGuard is engineered for those who require swift and effective solutions. It's the go-to choice when immediate, deep-cleaning and protection are essential.

Indoor Cleaning

In a fast-paced world, BROMOCO recognizes the urgency of certain cleaning and protection needs. Whether preparing for an event or addressing sudden environmental factors, SemGuard ensures rapid results without compromising on quality.

Business Owner

Understanding market dynamics, BROMOCO acknowledges that not every customer requires or desires a long-term commitment. It offers a wallet-friendly option for those seeking quality results without ongoing maintenance requirements.

Cost-Efficiency without Long-Term Commitments

SemGuard provides a cost-effective alternative for customers who prioritize short-term benefits. It's a budget-friendly choice without the long-term maintenance needs.

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Impact

SemGuard minimizes disruption to daily operations while maximizing cleaning and protection impact. It's the solution for customers who prioritize efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Engineer Looking At Blueprint

Long-term solutions may entail extended downtime. SemGuard caters to customers who require a powerful impact with minimal disruption, making it an ideal choice for businesses and facilities with tight schedules.

The history demonstrates that short-term solutions can be enduringly effective. Customers can trust in its consistent performance and the reliability that comes from years of continuous improvement.

Proven Effectiveness Over Time

Despite its short-term nature, SemGuard has a proven track record of effectiveness over the years. It's a reliable choice backed by two decades of refinement and customer satisfaction.


In a market saturated with cleaning products, what distinguishes SemGuard and how does it build trust with customers?

SemGuard stands out through its proven track record of over two decades, incorporating continuous technological advancements. Its reliability, coupled with a commitment to environmental responsibility and gentle formulas, builds trust with discerning customers who seek not just a cleaning product but a solution backed by a legacy of excellence and innovation.

What is SemGuard, and how does it differ from other cleaning products?

For businesses with tight schedules, how does SemGuard minimize disruption while delivering a thorough clean and lasting protection?

SemGuard is a short-term, single-item deep-cleaning and protection system developed exclusively by BROMOCO for metal cladding and powder coating. It stands out with its advanced microbead technology, gentle pH balanced formula, and versatile application on various surfaces, offering a precise and effective solution.

SemGuard's concentrated formula and extreme soaping/foaming action contribute to a deep and efficient clean, minimizing disruption to daily operations. The aquaphobic finish ensures lasting protection, reducing the frequency of cleaning interventions. SemGuard is tailored for businesses with tight schedules, offering impactful results without prolonged downtime.

In what scenarios does SemGuard outperform long-term solutions, and how does it cater to the evolving needs of dynamic markets?

SemGuard excels in scenarios where immediate and impactful results are required. Unlike long-term solutions that entail extended commitments, SemGuard offers adaptability to the dynamic needs of markets. Its short-term focus provides efficiency without compromising on quality, catering to businesses seeking versatile and responsive cleaning solutions.

Considering the trend towards minimalism and efficiency, how does SemGuard fit into the preferences of customers

SemGuard is crafted with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, aligning with the preferences of customers who embrace minimalism. Its straightforward application process, combined with powerful cleaning and protection capabilities, resonates with those who value efficiency without unnecessary complexity, making it an ideal choice for modern aesthetics.

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