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Super Weather Resistant Copper / Brass Cleaning and Protecting Product Range

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A high-performance protection solution specifically for Copper & Brass

Provides thorough cleaning and invisible, flexible protection.

Image by Ilze Lucero

Beyond Limitations! Copper/Brass Cleaning & Protection Combo Solution

Elevate the care and preservation of your copper and brass treasures with our powerful duo – ERW-BD and BCP-2991. We bring you a holistic approach to surface maintenance, ensuring enduring beauty and resilience.

Long-Term Protection Guarantee

The BCP-2991 sealer, with its over 5-year protection guarantee, safeguards copper and brass oxidisation, tarnishing, and fading. This long-lasting defense is coupled with ERW-BD's ability to remove contaminants effectively, setting the foundation for durable protection.

Rinse-Free Cleaning

ERW-BD's rinse-free formula leaves no sticky deposits, providing a dry, clean surface ready for the application of BCP-2991. This synergy ensures optimal adhesion and performance of the protective coating.

UV and Environmental Defense

BCP-2991's built-in UV protection shields against discoloration caused by sunlight, while ERW-BD's eco-friendly composition aligns with environmentally conscious cleaning practices, making the package a sustainable choice.

Waterproof and Fingerprint-Resistant

BCP-2991's 100% waterproof protection, combined with ERW-BD's effectiveness in removing grease and fingerprints, ensures copper and brass surfaces remain resistant to staining and easy to maintain.

Superior Alternative to Traditional Methods

The Copper and Brass Cleaning and Protection Solutions package offers a superior alternative to traditional methods like wax or WD-40, providing users with over 5 years of effective protection and reduced maintenance requirements.

Versatile Application

ERW-BD's wide application range, suitable for all types of surfaces including copper and brass, ensures effective cleaning. BCP-2991, with its crystal-clear finish, seamlessly complements ERW-BD's cleaning properties, enhancing the natural beauty of copper and brass without compromising durability.

Comprehensive Surface Care

The package combines the powerful cleaning capabilities of ERW-BD with the long-term protective benefits of BCP-2991, offering a complete solution for copper and brass maintenance.

Efficient Application Process

Both ERW-BD and BCP-2991 offer quick and easy application processes. ERW-BD's ease of use, whether applied by brush, spray, or cloth, is complemented by BCP-2991's single-coat application and rapid drying time, streamlining the overall cleaning and protection process.

Prevention of Tarnishing and Oxidation

The package addresses common concerns by preventing tarnishing through ERW-BD's thorough cleaning and adding a protective barrier against oxidation with BCP-2991, ensuring the longevity of the copper and brass surfaces.

Clear Coating Expertise

BCP-2991 surpasses the limitations of clear coats by offering specialized protection for copper and brass, addressing discoloration concerns more comprehensively and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of these metals for an extended period.


What is included in the Copper / Brass Cleaning & Protection Solutions?

The solution includes two key components – ERW-BD, a versatile and effective cleaner for copper and brass, and BCP-2991, a high-performance sealer providing long-term protection against tarnishing, oxidation, and environmental elements.

How do ERW-BD and BCP-2991 work together?

ERW-BD serves as the initial step, ensuring thorough cleaning and degreasing of copper and brass surfaces. Once cleaned, BCP-2991 is applied as a protective sealer, providing long-lasting defense against oxidisation, tarnishing, fading, and various environmental aggressions.

Can ERW-BD be used on other surfaces besides copper and brass?

Yes, ERW-BD is an all-surface cleaner suitable for Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Powder coating, Anodised finish, Plastic, GRP, Stone, and all bare metals. Its versatility makes it an ideal solution for various cleaning needs.

How often should I reapply BCP-2991 for optimal protection?

BCP-2991, when correctly applied, has a lifespan of more than 5 years. Reapplication is typically not required within this period, making it a low-maintenance solution for long-term protection.

How long does the protection from BCP-2991 last?

Authorised BCP-2991 applications provide over 5 years of protection against oxidisation, tarnishing, fading and other surface problems. This long-term protection ensures the continued beauty and durability of copper and brass surfaces. More real-world evidence shows that the product continues to protect after 10 years of application.

Can I use this solution for outdoor applications?

Absolutely. The Copper and Brass Cleaning and Protection Solutions Kit is suitable for both internal and external use, and both products have been proven in large-scale engineering and industrial applications. ERW-BD is environmentally responsible with a biodegradable formulation; one of the purposes for which it was designed, BCP-2991's durability and resistance make it an excellent choice for the protection of copper and brass in a variety of outdoor environments.

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