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2024 Eco-friendly Water-based Collection

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Did you know?

Millions of tonnes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the air every year, causing serious environmental problems such as air pollution, greenhouse effect, acid rain, etc. and also endangering human health. One of the main sources of these VOCs is oil-based or solvent-based paints, which constantly emit toxic gases during use or storage.


Let us tell you a story


BROMOCO has always focused on corporate responsibility, recognising the huge impact our industry has on the environment. We understand that protecting the planet is vital to us and to future generations. Out of this sense of responsibility, BROMOCO is committed to taking proactive steps to reduce our environmental footprint.

Environmental protection

BROMOCO has always believed that environmental protection should not be a temporary hotspot, but a lasting responsibility. We plan to upgrade the vast majority of our existing non-water-based products to environmentally friendly water-based ones by 2025, in order to reduce the use of harmful chemicals and non-renewable energy sources, lower the negative impact on the environment, while providing higher quality products.


The new water-based formula coating developed by BROMOCO's innovative team not only solves the problems of traditional water-based coatings, but also makes our water-based coatings more environmentally friendly, safer and more durable. We believe that by continuing to innovate, we will not only be able to meet our customers' needs at all times, but also help to build a more sustainable future.

Why use BROMOCO water-based products?

We have conceived and developed nearly a dozen new water-based cleaning products, speciality functional coatings and protective coatings for all types of metals, covering both commercial and residential applications. These formulations work in a way that has a lower environmental impact than common water-based coatings.


Low odour




VOC emissions cut

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Regulatory compliance

Planning to satisfy future emission limitations



Attention to people's health

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Water-based Collection



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