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Removes iron stain quickly and completely.

Leaves surfaces clean, and streak free.

ERW-XL will remove even thick old layers of iron stain from nooks and crannies.

To use simply spray OR brush on, agitate, leave a short while and brush rinse off.


Benefits of using ERW-XL

• Free of oxalic acid - uses new technology

• Very quick and effective

• Thick and foams so it clings - easy to use.

• Stays wet for a long time

• Leaves surfaces clean, streak-free and shiny

• Effective in hard or soft water

• Does not form white deposit with hard water

• Easily applied by brush or spray

• Removes old thick build up of iron dust

• Lifts off ordinary soil and grime

• Removes oil and grease



Removes Rust Staining Browning

from Stainless steel, Painted and Hard surfaces

A revolutionary deep cleaner for stainless steel using NEW Technology


ERW-XL is a concentrated deep cleaner for stainless steel and iron stain removal from most hard surfaces.

We have developed a safe non hazardous formula that gently removes browning and rust staining from stainless steel without damaging the surface or enviroment.

Based on a mineral salt the ERW-XL formula gently pulls out the staining from all crevices and is especially effective on brushed and textured finishes as it remove all contaminants from within the grain preventing re-contamination.

Unlike harsh acid cleaners such as oloxic acid ERW-XL will not dull and damage the surface finish.

Acid cleaners burn the top layers of the surface resulting in a dull finish.

ERW-XL is also a non-abrasive cleaner that will not blurr the surface nor damage the peaks of brushed finishes.

The use of harsh acids or abrasive cleaners will damage the surface and as a result re-contamination will occur much sooner.

As the  diagram below shows




We recommend that once the cleaning process has been completed to a satisfactory level the surface should be rinsed thoroughly with fresh water and then neutralised with either ERW-BD or ERW-ph to ensure any acid deposits that caused the original contamination are neutralised.

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