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Our History

Early Days "In the beginning"

In the late nineties our founder was working in the construction industry working primarily in restoration of commercial buildings. He noticed that dull and faded window frames and cladding were either being replaced at high costs or window cleaners were being employed to  "try and make them look better" The efforts the window cleaners were varied with most of them turning to car products such as waxes, polishes and T Cut type products which left a reasonable but short term result. Since then many have move on to use "sacrificial coatings" which do not fare any better giving a poor initial result and a very short life span eventually turning white after just one summer (see comparison picture to the left) Sadly in our experience all companies claiming to restore window frames and cladding are still using the same or similar products to this day.


In the early 2000's we developed an extensive range of bespoke product 

BROMOCO Back for good.png
Restore Wheels 2.jpg
BROMOCO AUTOMOTIVE Scientific range.png

In the early 2000's "Learning curves"

we developed an extensive range of bespoke products for the building, automotive and domestic markets. In 2011 we decided to concentrate on the building restoration industry with our main focus on the restoration of Aluminium windows and curtain walling offering a long term solution to dull and faded powder coated and anodised finishes as well as cladding and stainless steel. We developed specific systems for each and every substrate used in the construction of modern buildings. Our focus was to supply our customers with the highest quality products and provide outstanding levels of service, incapable of being matched by our competitors and thereby increasing our market share.

BROMOCO Systems "Establishing the brand"

Concerned that the high levels of application would be strictly adhered to and to protect the brand  an application company was formed and "BROMOCO Systems was born. BROMOCO Systems were the ONLY company authorised to apply BROMOCO Internationals bespoke product range and completed hundreds of successful contracts for many companies both large and small including the iconic McLaren F1's head

Bromoco logo.gif

                              An application company                        Was formed and "BROMOCO Systems" was born. 

office in Woking which is still looking amazing a decade on providing conclusive proof of the longevity of BROMOCO Internationals products.

Our Stainless steel restoration and protection systems and products were applied to many buildings and structures as well as internal elements of buildings including Canary Wharf London. Our products have been successfully applied throughout the world as far as India, USA, UAE and Europe.

However having a single company providing the service covering Europe and the UK was woefully inefficient and as a result due to limited funding and staffing issues BROMOCO Systems was under financial pressure combined with non and late payments due from some of its clients brought on by the collapse of "Carillion" and others regrettably it was decided to put BROMOCO Systems Ltd into administration in early 2018

Mclaren Bromoco.jpg

   st                                   Still looking                                              amazing over

                                  a decade on

Providing conclusive proof of the

longevity of BROMOCO products.

McLaren-bromoco 2.png
Canary wharf Bromoco.jpg

Canary Wharf stainless steel restoration and protection systems

Authorised applicators "Rethinking and restructuring"

The long-term plan was always to train and establish a skilled group

of independent companies throughout the UK and Europe fully trained in the restoration, preparation and application of BROMOCO Product. When we launched the Applicator network in early 2018 the response for companies to join us was overwhelming due to the strength of our product range, history and reputation for quality and longevity. Having a group of authorised applicators was by far the most efficient way of covering the entire country and we able to offer BROMOCO restoration and protection works at a more competitive and affordable rate.

Since the formation of the group for the first time we have been able to undertake multiple contracts concurrently every week.  Each application is covered by both an application guarantee as well as a manufactures guarantee ensuring peace of mind to our clients. We carry out regular inspection of all works to ensure the highest quality and long lasting results.

bromoco international worldwide.jpg


Products are used all over the world

Auhorised Bromoco Applicator logo2.png

A skilled group

of independent 

companies all over the UK and Europe

BROMOCO Network "The future is clear"

Such has been the success of the Applicator group that by the end of 2019 it became evident the the companies that had joined our Authorised Applicator Group had a wealth of  experience and were well as being established in many aareas of the maintenance and of buildings.

We were able to offer ALL maintenance and restoration services as well as Main Contractor with a combined experience of over 200 years

A full list of our Network of services can be seen here.

Onward from here we expect the Network to grow throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Auhorised Bromoco Applicator logo2.png

A skilled group

of independent 

companies all over the UK and Europe

 Coating Applied 
Network works.png

Providing ALL maintenance and restoration service


 Surface Protected 
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