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frame repair, metal protect, metal coating
frame repair, metal protect, metal coating

Complete Aluminium Restoration & Protection product range for all environments

frame repair, metal protect, metal coating

Do you want your aluminum building materials to stay as good as new, no matter how many years pass?

Discover the revolutionary solution for restoring and protecting aluminum materials, making wear, dirt, and fading a thing of the past, and ensuring your projects remain permanently pristine.

frame repair, metal protect, metal coating

About EVB-23309E

Superior Protection

EVB-23309E offers elevated levels of anti-oxidant protection, safeguarding against bleaches, acids, bird droppings, acid rain, and salt air, preventing tarnish on the protected surface.

UV Protection

With built-in UV protectors, this coating prevents re-fading of the surface during its lifetime, ensuring it won't discolor or yellow.


A little goes a long way with EVB-23309E, covering up to 35-40 square meters with just 1 liter. It offers a lifespan of at least 5 years, even in harsh conditions, with many cases reporting product lifespan exceeding 10 years.

Durable Finish

EVB-23309E creates a crystal-clear, hard-wearing finish that's perfect for enhancing the durability of surface textures. It's suitable for lighter-colored finishes.

frame repair, metal protect, metal coating
frame repair, metal protect, metal coating

About AA-1665D

Superb Protection

Shields against bleaches, acids, bird droppings, and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting structural integrity.

Exceptional Insulation

Prevents electrochemical reactions by isolating the surface from external elements during the coating's lifespan.


One liter covers 35-40 square meters and guarantees at least 5 years of protection, with many cases exceeding a decade.

Extreme Weather Resistance

Resists UV radiation, high humidity, and high temperatures, extending substrate lifespan.

Enhanced Finish

Delivers a crystal-clear, durable finish for a textured surface, ideal for lighter-colored applications.

frame repair, metal protect, metal coating
frame repair, metal protect, metal coating

Why Choose Our Solutions?

"Seal with EVB-23309E's clear-coat finish, preserving your aluminum, including cladding, window frames, and door frames, and warding off potential harm. Your aluminum deserves nothing but the best!"

Elevate Elegance

frame repair, metal protect, metal coating


How long do powder coated aluminium windows last?

Powder coating can last up to 20 years; exposure to UV light and other elements can break it down faster. To prevent this, EVB-23309E can be applied to protect the powder coated surface from the reduced service life caused by UV light, chemical attack and stains.

How do you restore anodized aluminium?

Use the soft-bristle brush to sweep up large pieces of dust and dirt, and use the ERW-BD for hard-to-remove stains. Use a spray gun with a fine nozzle, a high-density foam roller, a clean white non-woven cloth, etc. to apply AA-1665D evenly to the surface and wait for the surface to dry to form a protective layer. In some cases, two coats are required.

Can you recoat powder coated aluminium?

Any flaws, imperfections and other surface issues will only be magnified with the reapplication of the powder coating. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect the powder coated surfaces, and EVB-23309E is able to restore the fading and yellowing of powder coated surfaces and protect them from UV rays, chemical attack and other problems for a long period of time.

Can aluminium windows be repaired?

Yes you can. Anodised aluminium window frames and powder coated window frame repairs are a fast, cost-effective way to repair dents, scratches, cracks and stains. You can choose BROMOCO Aluminium Solutions to repair and protect window frames, aluminium curtain walling and other aluminium buildings. Contact us for a site survey and customised advice.

How do you maintain powder coated aluminum?

What can I put on aluminium to prevent corrosion?

All powder coated products should be cleaned with a diluted solution of ERW-BD using a soft cloth or brush, followed by rinsing with water. After the surface is completely dry, applying the EVB-23309E protective coating and letting it dry will keep the surface protected from UV rays, chemical attack and physical damage for a considerable period of time.

BROMOCO aluminium solutions for painted, anodised or any aluminium surface form an effective protection against erosion. BROMOCO's wide range of protective coatings for different aluminium materials is the most suitable surface treatment if the appearance of the aluminium is to be preserved and the surface is to be resistant to erosion.

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frame repair, metal protect, metal coating

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