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Corten and Weathering Steel Preparation, Protection and Sealent product corten+ corten plus
Corten and Weathering Steel Preparation, Protection and Sealent product corten+ corten plus

Complete Corten / Weathering Steel Preparation, Protection and Sealent Product Range

Corten and Weathering Steel Preparation, Protection and Sealent product corten+ corten plus

Elevating Your Corten Projects for Timeless Excellence

We are committed to making your Corten projects the best they can be and ensuring they stand the test of time. Explore our range of products and discover why we are the industry leaders in protecting and preserving Corten steel.

Corten and Weathering Steel Preparation, Protection and Sealent product corten+ corten plus

Your Corten / Weathering Steel Protection Experts

BROMOCO brings you an impressive range of Corten and Weathering Steel solutions, including ERW-BD, XL-08, and CT-7571 Range. Our products are designed to ensure your Corten projects continuously excel in aesthetics while maintaining durability.

Unparalleled Corten/Weatherig Steel Protection

BROMOCO leads the way in Corten and Weathering Steel protection. Our products offer comprehensive solutions to prepare, shield, and maintain your projects, leaving them stunning and long-lasting. With up to four times more coverage than competing products on the market, we provide ultimate protection.

Say Goodbye to Rust and Corrosion Run-off

No more worries about rust or corrosion run-off damaging your floors. BROMOCO products are designed to safeguard your investments.

Simplified Application

BROMOCO products come ready to use, requiring only a single coat, regardless of the environment, to provide the most durable and effective protective coating for Corten and Weathering Steel.


At the forefront of eco-friendly solutions, BROMOCO is transitioning to a fully water-based product lineup in 2023.

(Note: Our old solvent-based CT-7571-T is currently being phased out and is only supplied if required. Please click [Contact Us] for more information.)

Built-in Antioxidants and UV Shield

Our products feature built-in antioxidants to prevent further corrosion of Corten steel. We also offer comprehensive UV protection for both coatings and surfaces, ensuring your projects retain their original appearance.

Guaranteed Quality

Our products come with a quality guarantee of up to 5 years, with the option for ongoing maintenance to keep your Corten projects looking fresh.

100% Waterproof and Corrosion Resistant

Our products are waterproof and capable of withstanding acids, bleaches, bird droppings, and acid rain. You can rest assured they won't crack, peel, or fade, maintaining their integrity for years.

Crystal Clear, Nearly Invisible Coatings

Our products dry nearly transparent to the naked eye, ensuring your projects look their best.


What do you seal Corten steel with?

BROMOCO CT-7571. CT-7571 coating is suitable for all rusted metal and rusted mild steel projects. It is thick with anti-oxidants and works well with porous metals like naturally rusted metal, corten or other steels.

What is the best Corten sealer?

CT-7571 is the worlds longest lasting and most effective coating that protects Corten Weathering steel from continuing to corrode and weather. The coating protects steel from UV, oxidation, bleaches and acids to ensure the desired patina remains perfect for the lifetime of the coating.

Can you stop Corten steel from rusting?

You can prevent or control oxidation of Corten steel with the CT-7571. In this way, you can even create unique designs by mixing oxidised areas with unrusted, weakly rusted areas to which CT-7571 has been applied.

Can CT-7571-W seal rusted metal?

Yes, CT-7571 is made to protect rusty metals, and most rusty metals such as Corten steel and weathered steel require only one coat. CT-7571-W does not affect the original colour of the substrate and can be used to provide a glossy or satin finish to the surface as required. While the CT-7571-T offers deeper colours and vintage aesthetics.

Should I seal Corten steel?

Once the Corten steel has oxidised to your satisfaction, you can seal it with CT-7571 to prevent the Corten steel from continuing to oxidise. The use of CT-7571-W will not affect the original colour of the oxidised layer of Corten steel and will give Corten steel protection from physical damage, chemical attack and contaminants.

How do you accelerate rusting of Corten steel?

You can make rusting faster with the XL-08 Corten/Weathered Steel Accelerator. Corten/weathered steel often takes months to rust to the right degree in its natural environment, whereas the XL-08 cuts this process down to a few hours to a few days. This can greatly reduce the duration of the process and save time and cost.

How do you speed up weathering steel?

You can use the XL-08 Corten/Weathered Steel Accelerator to speed up rusting. We will provide you with precise operating instructions so that you can rust weathered steel safely and quickly. We also provide a professional team to evaluate and apply it at your home, and you can enjoy extra guarantee time.

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Corten and Weathering Steel Preparation, Protection and Sealent product corten+ corten plus

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