Complete Corten Steel Preparation, Protection and Sealent product range for all environments

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The worlds leading Corten Steel protection range
Make your Corten Projects the best they can be and protect them for years to come
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Up to 4 times greater coverage than alternative products on the market

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Built in antioxidants to ensure the Corten steel does not corrode further

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Built in protection against UV for both the coating and the surface 

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No more rust/corrosion run-off on your floors

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Guaranteed up to 5 years and can be maintained indefinitely

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Same day dispatch and next day delivery available


Dries cystal clear and virtually invisible to the naked eye

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Results in 30 minutes *

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100% waterproof

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Resistant to Acids, Bleaches, Bird droppings and Acid rain

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Guaranteed not to crack, peel or fade

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Comes ready to use and only requires a single coat, regardless of the environment

CT-7571-T is the worlds longest lasting and most effective coating that protects Corten steel from continuing to corode and weather.  The coating protects steel from UV, oxidation, bleaches and acids to ensure the desired patina remains perfect for the lifetime of the coating.
CT-7571-T has been proven to log outlive its guarantee and still remain in perfect working condition even after 10 years.

CT-7571-W is new for 2022 and is a new water-based version of CT-7571-T.  It offers all the same protection and sealing properties with added alcohol protection.  Being water-based, it benefits from being low odor and is perfect for application internally and in confined spaces.

ERW-BD is our Biodegradable Degreasing and Neutralising solution that is perfect at a preparation product for Corten Steel to ensure CT-7571-T bonds correctly to the surface

XL-08 accelerates the natural weathering of Corten steel to save time on your project.  The compound can be sprayed onto the surface and left as long as needed to create the desired patina.  Always ensure to neutralise XL-08 with ERW-BD before applying the CT-7571-T coating.

The Full Corten Range
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Corten Steel Sealer

* Touch dry in 30 minutes depending on ambient conditions. Fully cured in 24 hours. If the final installation is submerged please ensure 48 hours drying time