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Case Study: Middlemarch Business Park Building Cladding Cleaning & Restoration Project

On Coventry's Middlemarch Business Park, BROMOCO Network undertook a transformative building cladding cleaning & restoration project that demonstrated the unrivalled capabilities of its SemGuard Wash & Coat system. The task was clear, but difficult - to breathe new life into the worn cladding of the main building, outbuildings and roofs using the SemGuard Wash & Coat system.

The white exterior of the building is covered in dirt
Previous Survey

Before the task began, BROMOCO Network engineers had to carry out not only a physical inspection of the building, but also a complex diagnostic. Initial investigations revealed a high level of contamination and visible damage to the coating, requiring a solution that not only cleaned but also restored the cladding to its original condition. What made this project different was not only the cleaning objective, but also the restoration of the original character of the cladding, protecting it from the relentless ravages of time.


The real challenge is in the detail - the cladding is not only exposed to contamination from pollutants, but is also affected by damage to the base coating. The cladding was heavily contaminated by growths and sludge that had accumulated over the years. Conventional cleaning methods were deemed ineffective due to the stubborn nature of the contaminants. In addition, the original coating of the substrate was also severely damaged, requiring a comprehensive restoration approach. The experts at BROMOCO Network team understood that this was not just a matter of cleaning, but a restoration procedure that required finesse and precision.

White buildings full of stains
Pre-survey of Building Status

Another challenge was balancing power with finesse. SemGuard's non-acidic nature became the guardian of delicate surfaces, protecting the beauty of painted surfaces, rubber, vinyl and plastic parts. It's not just a matter of restoration, but of doing it with the utmost care.

Action Programme

The BROMOCO Network team has carefully developed a plan of action, and the SemGuard Wash & Coat system developed by BROMOCO is the star of the show thanks to its revolutionary microbead technology. These restorative magic beads penetrate deep into the pores of the cladding to remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime. The real highlight of SemGuard is its adaptability - this versatile solution is not only suitable for metal cladding, but also for painted finishes, rubber, vinyl and plastic parts. The concentrated formula has an extremely strong soaping / foaming action that covers the cladding with a gentle yet powerful touch. The hydrophobic coating left behind is not only a protective layer, but a promise of continued elegance.

Cleaning Solid Building Stains with SemGuard
Small Area Testing with the SemGuard System

Access and deep cleaning of all cladding panels with SemGuard was prioritised. With an eye for detail, the team extended its expertise beyond the main building - outbuildings, roofs, storage tanks, lorry wash areas and diesel storage areas. SemGuard's 50:1 dilution ratio ensured that efficiency went hand-in-hand with cost-effectiveness, an important consideration for any restoration masterpiece, enabling the team to achieve outstanding results without going over budget.

Building Cladding Cleaning Restoration Project - Review & Reflection

The successful Middlemarch Business Park project is more than just a restoration story, it is a case study in efficiency, and SemGuard's efficiency has been proven for over two decades as a key factor in the project, prioritising fast, impactful results without compromising on quality.

The Middlemarch Business Park case study is a shining example of BROMOCO's commitment to excellence and innovation, with SemGuard being the protagonist of the project, demonstrating its versatility, cost-effectiveness and fast results. The success of this project proves once again that SemGuard is not just a cleaning product, but a total solution backed by continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Demonstration of SemGuard System cleaning results
Demonstration of SemGuard System Cleaning Results

As the fabric of buildings continues to age and face environmental challenges, SemGuard, in the hands of the skilled BROMOCO Network team, has become a key player in the field of building restoration and preservation. The Middlemarch Business Park project has not only transformed the façade, but has also demonstrated how SemGuard can be a strategic asset in meeting the changing needs of the construction and maintenance industry.

The Middlemarch Business Park project not only refreshed the facade, but also demonstrated how SemGuard can be a strategic asset in meeting the changing needs of the building and maintenance industry.

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