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Case Study: McLaren Technology Centre Stainless Steel Cladding & Component Maintenance Project

Updated: Jan 24

Project Overview

In 2010, McLaren Technology Centre chose BROMOCO products and BROMOCO Network Team for full building maintenance. The project initially addressed the stainless steel of the swimming pool and then extended to the whole building. The main application was EVB-23309E, a clear high performance coating.

Issue Background:

We were first contacted by McLaren in 2009 seeking a solution to a rusting stainless steel issue in the swimming pool. Following the success of the maintenance, McLaren decided to extend the scope and carry out a full maintenance programme on all stainless steel parts of the building. The project needed to take into account the effects of Woking, UK's climate and location on stainless steel.

Case study: McLaren Technology Centre Stainless Steel Cladding & Component Maintenance Project

Site Visits:

Before embarking on full maintenance, BROMOCO sent a specialist team to carry out a site visit. We explored and documented the current condition of the stainless steel cladding and components at the project site and gained an in-depth understanding of the McLaren Technology Centre's environment, analysing the potential impacts of its location on stainless steel, including the wet climate and chlorine environment. The site visit enabled us to provide McLaren with tailored maintenance recommendations and solutions.

Location and Climatic Factors to Consider:

Woking, UK's humid climate: The humid climate in this area can cause stainless steel to be more susceptible to corrosion and the application of EVB-23309E can help to provide additional protection and slow down the corrosion process.

Chlorine Environment: Given the chlorine content of swimming pools and outdoor pool water, EVB 23309E is particularly critical in resisting chlorine-induced corrosion and discolouration.

Case study: McLaren Technology Centre Stainless Steel Cladding & Component Maintenance Project

Product Characteristics:

Based on the maintenance needs of the McLaren Technology Centre stainless steel, BROMOCO selected EVB-23309E as the protective coating for the project.

Clear High Performance Coating: EVB-23309E is a clear coating that restores the original colour and gloss of metals, painted metals, powder coated aluminium and glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP). Its transparency preserves the natural beauty of the substrate.

Extremely thin film coating: Almost imperceptible to the naked eye, the thin film coating of only 12 microns not only provides excellent protection, but also effectively enhances the appearance of the substrate without creating a visual burden.

Bleach and Acid Resistant: EVB-23309E not only restores colour and gloss, it also excels in preventing future fading as well as bleach and acid attacks. This ensures that building surfaces remain fresh for a long time.

High Unit Coverage: High coverage makes EVB 23309E an affordable choice.

Environmentally Friendly Choice: As part of BROMOCO's commitment to sustainability, EVB-23309E is produced using a cyclically responsible manufacturing process that is in line with the continuous pursuit of sustainability in modern business. 2024 will see EVB-23309E upgraded to a water-based formulation, the more environmentally friendly and environmentally compliant EVB-23309W.

EVB 23309E was chosen not only to protect and restore the appearance of the building, but also for its overall environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

Implementation Steps:

Whole building coating application: apply EVB-23309E extensively to the stainless steel portion of the building to ensure full maintenance effectiveness. Serious problems such as rust, browning and stains are supplemented with ERW-XL, ERW-Ph and ERW-AL for removal, cleaning and preparation.

Comprehensive Maintenance Process:

Customised solutions: Based on site visits, we provided McLaren with a bespoke maintenance programme to ensure the coating system could effectively cope with specific climatic and environmental conditions.

Maintenance Cycle Plan: We worked with McLaren to develop a comprehensive maintenance cycle plan to ensure regular inspections and maintenance to improve the system's durability.

Results and Benefits:

Appearance Restoration and Protection: BROMOCO Network Team successfully restored the original appearance of the building and fully protected the stainless steel surfaces.

Cost Savings: The high coverage significantly reduced the cost of the coating project to maintain the entire building.

Durable Performance: The film coating ensures long-term performance and extends the life of the building.

Case study: McLaren Technology Centre Stainless Steel Cladding & Component Maintenance Project

McLaren Technology Centre - Customer Reviews:

Ron Denis speaks highly of BROMOCO's professional services and the results of EVB-23309E. The success of the project not only improved the appearance of the building, but also realised significant savings in maintenance costs.


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