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Case Study: The Revitalization of Smiths News Window Frames

In Lincoln, UK. Smiths News found their UV-damaged powder-coated window frames, exhibiting signs of degradation and chalking. Eager to restore and protect these frames to their original color and sheen, the client turned to Bromoco International for a comprehensive solution.

There are 2 products for this project were ERW-BD and EVB 23309E, carefully selected for their unique properties. ERW-BD, a concentrated, biodegradable deep cleaning fluid, played a crucial role in preparing all surfaces for the subsequent coating. The process involved diluting ERW-BD, washing the surfaces, rinsing with water, and allowing them to air dry, ensuring a pristine canvas for the forthcoming restoration.

EVB 23309E, on the other hand, was designed with a specific focus on rejuvenating faded and UV-damaged surfaces. This crystal-clear coating not only restored the frames to their original finish but also provided a robust shield against future damage. Its built-in UV protection ensured that both the coating and the substrate would remain immaculate for an impressive duration of up to 5 years.

Before EVB-23309E
Before Restoration

BROMOCO, acclaimed for its extensive expertise in architecture restoration projects, has long been a leader in the comprehensive revitalization of various window frames and curtain walling materials, including powder-coated surfaces, aluminum, anodized aluminum, and bare metal. Drawing on years of experience, the company has developed specialized systems and products tailored for the holistic restoration and protection of these diverse architectural elements.

The utilized systems and products not only adeptly restore surfaces to their factory color and lustre but also provide unparalleled protection against corrosion and UV damage. BROMOCO's commitment to excellence shines through in its ability to deliver solutions that go beyond mere restoration, ensuring the longevity and resilience of window frames and curtain walling.

After EVB-23309E
After Restoration

The success of BROMOCO's intervention surpassed expectations, exceeding the original guarantee period by more than twice. The Smiths News window frames stand as a testament to the efficacy of BROMOCO's restoration and protection solutions, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

BROMOCO's dedication to excellence and cutting-edge solutions shines through in the successful restoration and protection of Smiths News' window frames. The commitment to quality and longevity is a hallmark of BROMOCO's approach, leaving a lasting impact on the architectural landscape of Lincoln.


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