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Case Study: Plimsoll Building Protection of Internal Brass Components Project

Updated: May 17

Plimsoll Building. Extraordinary apartments in King’s Cross, London

In the heart of the vibrant and ever evolving London's King's Cross, the Plimsoll Building stood as a testament to architectural splendor. However, time had etched its mark on the brass trims and fittings within, calling for a restoration that surpassed the ordinary. This case study dissects the meticulous restoration process, unveiling the strategic decisions that met and exceeded the nuanced needs of consumers in indoor brass maintenance.

Initial Survey

Dirty and rusty brass stair railings, risers and bathroom handles
Initial Survey: Brass Condition Acquisition

The initial survey uncovered a story of extensive contamination and blooming on various indoor brass components—stair railings, risers, fences, and furnishings. BROMOCO Network recognized this not as a routine restoration but as indoor spaces demanded a solution that encapsulated longevity, sustainability, and efficient maintenance. BROMOCO's Super Weather Resistant Copper / Brass Cleaning & Protecting Product Range was the main requirement for this project.

Implementing Cleaning Procedures

The restoration journey began with a detailed analysis of each brass element, identifying the extent of contamination. ERW-BD was delicately applied, its powerful formulation cutting through years of grime and restoring the original luster without compromising the minimalist design and rich texture of the brasswork.

However, as with any restoration endeavor, challenges arose. The aged brass surfaces presented unexpected complexities, with some areas requiring additional attention due to deep-seated contaminants. BROMOCO Network's seasoned team of restoration specialists adapted swiftly, employing precise techniques to ensure thorough cleaning without causing surface damage.

A lustrous brass handrail
Brass Handrail in Bathroom Area: After Cleaning

The washdown process is also important, with ERW-AL preparation fluid ensuring that every surface was immaculately primed for the subsequent protective coating. The challenges of indoor restoration were met with strategic scheduling, ensuring minimal disruption to the building's occupants.

Overcoming Challenges

One of the notable hurdles encountered was the restoration of the minimalist designed stair railings, where contaminants had subtly marred the depth of texture and sleek surfaces. This demanded a meticulous approach, combining manual detailing and ERW-BD's precision to ensure every inch was free from impurities and recreates the original lustre of metal.

The application of BCP-2991S, the grand finale of the restoration, was executed with precision. The clear coating expertly enhanced the natural beauty of brass while forming an invisible shield against future tarnishing and environmental aggressions. Each application was treated as a work of art, ensuring a consistent, flawless finish throughout the indoor space.

Strategic Positioning Beyond Aesthetics

  • The Appeal of Long-Term Protection: BCP-2991S's five-year protection guarantee was not just a feature; it was a strategic response to consumers seeking enduring solutions. This choice addressed the deep-seated consumer desire for lasting protection, reducing maintenance efforts significantly.

  • Versatility Meets Convenience: ERW-BD's adaptability for various indoor surfaces showcased a strategic understanding of modern consumers' need for convenience. BROMOCO strategically positioned ERW-BD as an adaptable solution, meeting diverse indoor applications with precision.

Lustrous brass stair railings
Stair Handrails/Balustrades after Cleaning & Protection

BROMOCO Network's strategic brilliance extended beyond brass restoration. It became a narrative of precision in every decision, acknowledging and addressing the deeper needs of consumers. The focus on UV defense, reduced maintenance, and eco-friendly compositions positioned the company as a thought leader, setting a new standard in the strategic artistry of indoor maintenance.

Brass Protection Project - Conclusion

The Plimsoll Building's brass cleaning & restoration project is not just a case study; it's a testament to BROMOCO Network's strategic excellence. It's a journey that transcends routine refurbishment, where every decision is a calculated step towards meeting and exceeding the profound needs of consumers in indoor brass maintenance.


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