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permanent antimicrobial coating solutions for surfaces

The Microbial Menace

Welcome to 'The Microbial Menace', a journey of immersive exploration into microbial infections and their impact on human health. We'll take you on a tour through different scenarios, reminding you of hygiene strategies you might overlook, and show you how our innovative silver ion antimicrobial protection solutions provide the ultimate defence against these unseen threats.


TOUCH antimicrobial solutions
antimicrobial solutions for primary education institutions
antimicrobial solutions for primary education institutions
antimicrobial solutions for higher education institutions
antimicrobial solutions for higher education institutions
antimicrobial solutions for office places
TOUCH antimicrobial solutions
antimicrobial solutions for public places
antimicrobial solutions for public places
TOUCH antimicrobial solutions
TOUCH antimicrobial solutions
TOUCH antimicrobial solutions
Antibacterial coatings applied to classrooms

Primary Education

The bell rings and children pour out of the classroom. In the silence, is the classroom really empty?

Why Choose TOUCH™ in Primary School?

TOUCH coating protects children's health

Child-Centric Approach

We have worked with a number of primary education institutions to optimise a set of rules for applying solutions that are gentle and child-friendly. This ensures minimal disruption to daily activities whilst providing maximum protection against microbiological threats and a safer learning environment for young learners.

TOUCH coating applied to College Lecture

Higher Education

For students who grew up in environments filled with microbial threats, the cumulative impact of microbial invasion is significant.

Why Choose TOUCH™ in Higher Education?

TOUCH coating protects students on campus

Maximize Academic Success & Student Engagement

By applying TOUCH's antimicrobial coatings to campus facilities, you can minimize the spread of infectious agents and promote a healthier learning environment. With professional expertise and support, TOUCH helps universities implement effective antimicrobial strategies that prioritize the safety and well-being of their campus community.

TOUCH coating protects office hygiene

Office Space

Transform your office into a germ-free zone with TOUCH Antimicrobial Protection. Learn how it defends against viruses, bacteria and fungi, ensuring a safer workspace.

Protecting your workspace is crucial. Bid farewell to germs and welcome a healthier office environment!

Battling MRSA & office bacteria?
Stay protected, stay productive!

Have you ever thought that mushrooms are one of the culprits of office health? Have a look.

Why Choose TOUCH™ in Office Space?

TOUCH protects office hygiene

Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency

With fewer employees calling in sick, businesses can maintain optimal staffing levels, ensuring that projects and tasks are completed on time and without disruption. TOUCH's long-lasting effects mean fewer applications are needed compared to traditional disinfectants, further reducing ongoing maintenance costs. By choosing TOUCH as an antimicrobial solution, businesses can achieve cost-effective hygiene maintenance while ensuring a clean and safe work environment for employees.

TOUCH protects Shopping Mall

Public Place

Peace of mind in every touch. Say goodbye to microbial worries and hello to safer, more resilient public spaces with TOUCH.

Why Choose TOUCH™ in Public Place?

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