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Case Study: Restoration of Copper Cladding for a Leading Manufacturing Company

BROMOCO Network was commissioned to undertake a significant restoration project for the headquarters of a renowned manufacturing company. The project involved restoring the copper cladding of the company's building, which had suffered from environmental exposure and subsequent deterioration.

Initial Survey and Assessment

The restoration process began with an initial survey conducted by a BROMOCO Network engineer. During this survey, the engineer assessed the condition of the copper cladding, identifying areas with significant deposits, dirt, and signs of deterioration. The initial survey included the following steps.

Visual Inspection: A detailed visual inspection to identify the extent of surface contamination and damage.

Surface Testing: Small-scale tests on the copper surface to determine the effectiveness of proposed cleaning agents and sealers.

Documentation: Comprehensive documentation of the initial state, including photographs and written reports, to provide a baseline for assessing the restoration's success.

These tests confirmed that the proposed restoration methods and products would yield the desired results. The engineer’s findings were used to develop a tailored restoration plan.

Challenges and Solutions

The restoration project presented several complex challenges that required innovative and high-end solutions to meet the client’s needs and ensure a successful outcome. Here are the newly identified challenges and the sophisticated solutions implemented by the BROMOCO Network team:

Challenge 1: Achieving a Long-lasting, Durable Finish in a Harsh Industrial Environment

The building’s location in an industrial area exposed it to harsh environmental conditions, including heavy pollution, which could compromise the longevity of the restoration work.


To address this, the team chose the BCP-2991-S sealer for its advanced protective properties, including resistance to UV radiation, pollutants, and moisture. Before application, they conducted extensive surface preparation to ensure maximum adhesion of the sealer. This meticulous preparation combined with the high-performance sealer provided a durable finish capable of withstanding the harsh industrial environment, significantly extending the lifespan of the restoration.

Challenge 2: Providing Long-lasting Protection to Reduce Maintenance Costs

The client was concerned about the long-term maintenance costs associated with the copper cladding, particularly in an industrial setting that accelerates wear and tear.


The BCP-2991-S sealer was chosen not only for its immediate protective properties but also for its long-term durability. BROMOCO Network guarantees a minimum of 5 years of high-quality protection with each application. Real-life examples and case studies have shown that the protection can last over 10 years with minimal degradation. Surfaces treated with BCP-2991-S require only regular general cleaning, avoiding the need for frequent, intensive maintenance. This results in significant cost savings for the client over the lifespan of the coating, as there is no need for frequent reapplication or extensive repairs. By providing robust and durable protection, BCP-2991-S minimizes maintenance requirements and long-term costs, offering excellent value for the client.

Challenge 3: Ensuring Safety and Compliance with Environmental Regulations

The restoration project had to comply with stringent safety and environmental regulations, given the potential hazards associated with cleaning and coating chemicals.


The team prioritised safety and environmental compliance, choosing environmentally friendly products such as ERW-BD Biodegradable Degreaser, which leaves no harmful residues. They also implemented a comprehensive safety programme, including training for all team members on the safe handling of materials and equipment. To ensure compliance, BROMOCO Network conducts regular audits and inspections throughout the project to ensure adherence to all safety and environmental standards.

Copper Restoration Process

With the survey and testing complete, the BROMOCO Network team embarked on the restoration project. The process included several key steps, ensuring a thorough and effective restoration.

Surface Cleaning and Preparation:

The first phase involved cleaning and preparing the copper cladding. The team used ERW-BD Biodegradable Degreaser to remove dirt, deposits, and contaminants from the surface. This product is known for its efficiency in breaking down and lifting stubborn grime without damaging the underlying material. Key features of the ERW-BD include:

Biodegradability: Safe for the environment, ensuring no harmful residues are left behind.

Efficiency: High cleaning power to tackle even the most persistent deposits.

Detailed Cleaning: The cleaning process was meticulous, involving both manual and controlled pressure washing methods to ensure every inch of the cladding was free from contaminants.

Surface Inspection:

After cleaning, a second inspection was conducted to ensure all contaminants were removed and the surface was adequately prepared for the protective coating. This step was crucial to ensure the coating's adherence and longevity.

Application of Protective Coating:

With the surface prepared, the team applied BCP-2991 Copper & Brass Sealer. This product was chosen for its superior performance in restoring and protecting copper surfaces. The BCP-2991-S model was selected for its ability to produce a mirror-like finish, as specified by the client. Key aspects of the BCP-2991-S include:

Mirror Finish: Provides a high-gloss, reflective finish that enhances the building's aesthetic appeal.

Protection: Offers robust protection against environmental factors, including UV radiation, moisture, and pollutants.

The application process was carried out with precision to ensure an even and consistent finish. The team used specialized equipment to apply the sealer uniformly across the cladding surface, followed by curing time to allow the coating to set and harden.

Final Inspection and Quality Assurance:

After the coating application, a final inspection was conducted to ensure the restoration met the highest quality standards. This included:

Visual Assessment: Checking for uniformity, gloss, and absence of streaks or imperfections.

Adhesion Test: Ensuring the coating adhered properly to the copper surface without peeling or flaking.


The results of the restoration project were impressive. Before the project began, the copper cladding exhibited significant deterioration, with noticeable deposits and dirt accumulation. The photographs below illustrate the dramatic before-and-after transformation:

copper cladding repair
Before Restoration

copper cladding repair
After Restoration

The restored cladding not only enhanced the building's aesthetic appeal but also provided durable protection against future deterioration. The mirror-like finish achieved with the BCP-2991-S sealer significantly improved the building’s overall appearance, reflecting a clean and modern look.


The building restoration project executed by the BROMOCO Network exemplifies the effectiveness of targeted cleaning and protective coating applications in rejuvenating deteriorated copper cladding. By using high-quality products like the ERW-BD Biodegradable Degreaser and the BCP-2991-S Copper & Brass Sealer, the team successfully restored the client’s building to its former glory, ensuring long-lasting protection and visual appeal.

This project highlights the importance of regular maintenance and professional restoration services in preserving the integrity and appearance of commercial buildings. The meticulous approach, combined with the use of advanced products and techniques, ensured a successful outcome that met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

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