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EVB 23309E -Permanent Restoration Coating

EVB 23309E is a crystal clear high-performance coating that restores the original colour and lustre to powder coated aluminium, painted metals and GRP.

At only 12 microns thick this durable film coating is virtually to the naked eye and serves to enhance the beauty of the base material and finish.
1 litre of coating gives a coverage of between 35-40 square metres.

EVB 23309E remains flexible throughout its life and is guaranteed to not crack or peel.

EVB 23309E’s built in UV protectors stop re-fade of the protected surface for the lifetime of the coating. The UV protectors also ensure that the coating will not discolour or yellow.

EVB 23309E contains elevated levels of anti-oxidants preventing tarnish of the protected surface, and also provides high levels of protection from bleaches, acids, bird droppings, acid rain and salt air.

Correctly applied the coating has a lifespan of more than 5 years.

Why would you use anything else?

With the cost of access and labour being 90% plus of the  cost of on-site restoration projects then why would you use a product that is either sacrificial or a short term fix. There is no economical reason to use cheap and poor quality products.

In many cases the cost of just the access can represent 40% of the project cost and 50% labour so applying anything else that does not have a proven 10 years longevity is simply uneconomical.

BROMOCO products have been applied to buildings and structures worldwide and have out lived more than double the original 5 year guarantee.

So use the World leading brand every time.

Having the works completed by a BROMOCO Systems Authorised applicator will be covered by our unique 5 year guarantee.


Waxes, nano and sacrificial coatings

These type of cream wipe on products suffer from cross linking in the sun after one summer they fail dramatically turning white and are difficult to remove.



If it doesn't say BROMOCO its not BROMOCO

These windows are anodised

not faded powder coating

Recent Test Area Completed


Dull, chalky, 
and Faded

before 5.png
after 5.png


Colour, Lustre & Shine Permanently


 Coating Applied 
 Long term unrivaled Surface Protected 

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