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Authorised Applicators

BROMOCO applicators
Bromoco application
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Bromoco applicator list
BROMOCO Trained Applicators
Bromoco applicators
BROMOCO Applicator list
BROMOCO  Authorised applicators
Move your business to the next level

BROMOCO International Applicator Group

We have the largest group of independent Companies fully trained in the application of our products in the World. Our group is growing every week and can cover works nationally and internationally.

Never have BROMOCO products been used on so many projects at the same time

We currently run 4 to 6 projects a week but can handle as many as 20 as the network grows.


Because all our companies are specialists in many fields, we can to offer many other works for Dilapidations, Restorations, General maintenance and Insurance work such as Doff works, abseiling, window cleaning, paint spraying, re-painting, re-branding, colour change, decorating. Internal fit out, shop fitting, Jet washing, building cleaning, gutter cleaning and much more.

Fast Surveys

Our international network of surveyors means we can be onsite to complete surveys and test areas within days of receiving your request.

3 Quote System

We can undertake a single survey yet still provide 3 quotations from 3 of our companies who specialise in the areas of works required.

For over a decade BROMOCO products have been installed by trained technicians all over the world from the Caribbean islands to the Far East as well as here in the UK and Europe to guarantee perfect results and long-term protection.

It is essential to keep the standards high and that the correct methods of preparation and application are closely adhered to along with regular performance checks, throughout the process.

Using a BROMOCO Authorised applicator allows us to provide a long term guarantee of not only our products but also the installation.


Our Objective

To supply our customers with the highest quality products and provide outstanding levels of service, incapable of being matched by our competitors and thereby increasing our market share.


The BROMOCO Authorised Applicator Register 

The BROMOCO Authorised Applicator Register is a international network of highly reputable professionals.

Although none of them are employed by BROMOCO they are all strictly vetted and their works inspected by us to ensure that the highest possible standards are maintained.

BROMOCO Authorised Applicators abide the BROMOCO stringent code of practice and standards of workmanship. So you can be sure that you will receive the highest standards and a flawless long lasting finish.

BROMOCO employ Regional surveyors to monitor the work of Authorised Applicators. Their regular site assessment ensures that product quality and standards of workmanship are maintained.


The BROMOCO Guarantee


Only a BROMOCO Authorised Applicators can offer you the unique BROMOCO Guarantee.


Benefits of the BROMOCO Guarantee:

5, 10 & 25 year guarantees availabe

 Covers material defects for a minimum of a full 5 years

 Covers installation defects for a minimum 2 years

 Protects the deposit you paid to your authorised applicator

Product guarantee is valid if the installer ceases trading

Is issued only when inspected and signed as satisfactory by a BROMOCO surveyor.


            email  sales@bromocointernational to find your nearest distributor for your country/region           


Total peace of mind with a BROMOCO Authorised Applicator

Relax you are in safe hands. BROMOCO Systems approved applicators are the only applicators to carry and issue our manufacturer backed product performance 5 year minimum guarantee.

Your BROMOCO Authorised Applicator has the experience to help you choose the right products and to apply them properly for a beautiful, long-lasting job.

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