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ERW-BD Biodegradable Cleaner | Preparation Fluid | Bromoco International | Corten steel products corten+ corten plus products

ERW-BD is a Biodegradable and rinse free cleaner that Cleans, De-greases and Ph Balances.

Simply wash down with a micro-fibre cloth and then rinse down with fresh water.

Non flammable and safe to use in all areas.

Benefits of using ERW-BD

• Water Based (no solvent content)

• Very quick and effective

• Bio-degradable

• Removes finger print and grease stains

• Leaves surfaces clean, streak-free and shiny

• Effective in hard or soft water

• Does not form white deposit with hard water

• Easily applied by brush or spray or cloth

• Rinse free (no residue after rinse)

• Lifts off ordinary soil and grime

• Removes oil and grease



Water based Biodegradable rinse free de-greaser

ERW-BD is a ground breaking product that de-greasing, cleaning and Ph balancing of ALL types of surfaces.


ERW-BD is a highly concentrate water dilutable product that completes 3 tasks in one, Cleans, de-greases and balances the Ph of acid contaminated surfaces.

Ideal for surface preparation in sensitive areas negating the need to use flammable and hazardous solvents.

For use on ALL types of surface finish including Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Powder coating, Anodised finish, Plastic, GRP, Stone and all bare metals.

ERW-BD is completely rinse free. Leaves nothing behind.

Many cleaner do not rinse away easily and leave deposits on the surface that can cause future damage or staining. A simple rinse down with fresh water removes all traces of grease, contaminants and ERW-BD solution.

Finger print removal. ERW-BD cleans and de-greases deep into the pores of the surface and is amazing at fingerprint and grease spot removal from all finishes of stainless steel leaving the surface sparkling.

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