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Queen Mary 2 Spa & Deck Restoration and Protection Project

The Queen Mary 2, an icon of luxury and elegance in the cruise industry, required meticulous care to maintain its prestigious status amidst the challenges posed by the sea environment. BROMOCO Network, renowned for its expertise in stainless steel maintenance solutions, undertook the task of restoring and preserving stainless steel elements aboard the Queen Mary 2. This case study delves into the comprehensive restoration and preservation project executed by BROMOCO, focusing on the spa area and outdoor sections of the ship.

Welcome on board!

Let's start with some aperitifs before the welcome feast begins! Look at these poor stainless steel railings, they've given so much to this ship. The storm didn't break them, but it did scar them. Come closer and see how the BROMOCO Network's ship's doctors look after them.

To the next stop.

First arrivals, please move towards the centre back of the deck to make room for the new arrivals. As you move, keep an eye on the risers beside you. They'll be back as good as new in no time. This is your last chance to see the scars on them. Soon the bad weather will no longer be able to leave a single mark on them.

Welcome back inside.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back inside. It's a hell of a day out there, isn't it? Come on down to the spa and let your body warm back up. But please don't stay there all the time like those stainless steels, even for them, the chlorine and steam for a long time is enough to take the shine off and fill them with marks.

Lie down for a while.

What's better than lying comfortably in warm water? Feel the temperature and fluctuations of the water. However, please note that we utilise space efficiently and compactly, and there are only a limited number of loungers available on a first-come, first-served basis!

Please hold onto the handrail and watch your step.

Dear guests, please take note of these precautions. Please be careful of slippery surfaces when moving around the spa centre. handrails are provided in all facilities of the spa centre, so please hold on to them and pay attention to your footing. Please do not leave anything but your fingerprints behind. Soon, when the specialists at BROMOCO Network finish their work, you won't even be able to leave your fingerprints.

Final Results

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