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Metal Cladding Restoration

Restore and Protect Cladding

back to its

original colour and Lustre

What is EVB 23309E ?

  • It is a Crystal clear polymeric coating

  • It is a protective coating with UV Protection

  • It Has more than twice outlived its original guarantee period with 10 Years Proven

  • It contains anti-oxidants to prevent oxidisation

  • It restores the original colour and lustre

  • It has a scratch resistance higher than Granite

  • It will restore ANY Colour back to its original

  • All BROMOCO products are bespoke and specifically designed for building restoration

  • It is NOT a Wax

  • It is NOT a Nano Coating

  • It is NOT Sacrificial

  • It does NOT need re-applying yearly

  • It does NOT go white after one summer

  • It is NOT a quick fix

  • It will NOT rub off or scratch easily

  • It is NOT a paint

  • Is not an off the shelf or car product

A recent project in the UK that showcases how amazing EVB 23309E

Why would you use anything else?

With the cost of access and labour being 90% plus of the  cost of on-site restoration projects then why would you use a product that is either sacrificial or a short term fix. There is no economical reason to use cheap and poor quality products.

In many cases the cost of just the access can represent 40% of the project cost and 50% labour so applying anything else that does not have a proven 10 years longevity is simply uneconomical.

BROMOCO products have been applied to buildings and structures worldwide and have out lived more than double the original 5 year guarantee.

So use the World leading brand.

Having the works completed by a BROMOCO Systems Authorised applicator will be covered by our unique 5 year guarantee.

EVB 23309E
Powder coated Aluminium
restore & Protect
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