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EPC 7460A -Stainless Steel Protection

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Guaranteed up to 5 years and can be maintained indefinitely

100% waterproof

Dries cystal clear and virtually invisible to the naked eye

Resistant to Acids, Bleaches, Bird droppings and Acid rain

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Comes ready to use and only requires a single coat, regardless of the environment

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Same day dispatch and next day delivery available

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Results in 30 minutes *

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Guaranteed not to crack, peel or fade

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No more tea staining or corrosion


Inbuild fingerprint resistance. No more fingerprint staining

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Developed to seal the surface to halt any ingress

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Bromoco International provides a full range of products to help you clean and protect your stainless steel. From large sheets, kitchen splash backs and balustrade. If it is made of Stainless Steel, our products can help.

EPC 7460A
Stainless Steel

Cleaning and Preparation

Before applying EPC7460A it is vital to prepare the surface to ensure the coating adheres and performs correctly.  We provide two products for this.


ERW-XL - Stainless Steel rejuvenator

This product is specifically designed to clean off any tea staining or corrosion that is already on the steel.  It cannot help with pitting, but once cleaned the pitted areas can still be protected by EPC7460A.

Simply apply and scrub into the stained areas.  It will lift and remove the stains.  Ensure you rinse the surface thoroughly with fresh water after using ERW-XL.

ERW-BD - Biodegradable degreaser and cleaning agent.

Once your stains are removed, and even if you are working with new Stainless Steel, it is vital to give the surface a clean with ERW-BD to ensure no contaminants are on the surface prior to coating.  Contaminants on the surface can cause issued with adhesion of EPC7460A.  ERW-BD mixes 1 part with 10 parts water to create a strong cleaning and degreasing agent that goes a long way. Make sure the whole surface is washed with the solution and then rinsed with fresh water.  Allow the surface to air dry, or wipe over with Isopropyl Alcohol to speed up the drying time.

Protective Coating

EPC7460A Stainless Steel Protective Coating

EPC 7460A is a crystal clear, one part, air cured coating designed specifically for Stainless Steel.  It provides high levels of protection from:





Tea Staining



The coating can be applied easiliy using either a lint free cloht, a high density foam roller, or a spray system (If qualified). The coating will self-level leaving a seamless surface.

The coating will be touch dry in around 30 minutes and fully cured in 8 hours* fomring a protective film between 3 and 5 microns thick.
the coating goes a lonmg way as well,with a litre of coating covering approximately 35 square metres.
EPC7460A has excellent chemical, abrasion and impact resistance above rating H7 on the scratch resistance pencil scale using the ASTM method D3363-05. Note: As comparison granite measures H6.


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