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Case Study: Exterior Frame and Courtyard Amenity Restoration Project for Commercial Building in Aberdeen

The BROMOCO Certified Applications team previously carried out a detailed external restoration at a commercial property in Howe Moss Avenue, Aberdeen. Due to the specific location and function, the client looked to the BROMOCO team to repair the discolouration, environmental damage and mechanical damage that had occurred and to provide long lasting and durable protection. The restoration was carried out using BROMOCO's in-house developed ERW-PW, ERW-BD and EVB-23309E to prepare, repair and reconstruct the area's exterior surface protection system.

Before the project started, BROMOCO's engineers carried out a comprehensive pre-survey and noted the areas that needed to be focussed on. The survey revealed that the anodised and powder coated aluminium frames were heavily weathered and required thorough cleaning and preparation. In addition, the lighting fixtures in the courtyard area were heavily discoloured by the environment, and the bottom section bordering the land required focused attention and elimination of chemical run-off.

A major challenge that the project needed to address was the humid climate and sea breezes of the coastal area, as well as acid rain and UV exposure. These conditions can lead to discolouration and corrosion of the exterior surfaces. the EVB-23309E coating, designed to withstand such harsh conditions, is an effective solution. Its advanced formulation not only protects against UV exposure and fading, it also protects the structural integrity of the building by resisting acid rain.

Frame Fading, Rust, Brown Spot Solutions
EVB Coating to Repair Fading and Deterioration

The entire restoration process begins with a deep clean of all anodised and powder coated aluminium frames using a specialised ERW-PW deep cleaner. This step is essential to remove dirt, grime and any biological growth within the microscopic pores, ensuring the surface is intact for subsequent preparation and application of the EVB-23309E coating.

After carefully cleaning all surfaces with ERW-PW, the team prepared the surfaces with ERW-BD Biodegradable Degreaser. Eliminating all possible residues, dirt, and any potential uneven distribution of the protective layer on the surface is essential to ensure that the EVB-23309E coating adheres perfectly and provides a strong protective layer. The application of the coating is a delicate process that requires precision and attention to detail to ensure even coverage and optimum protection.

In addition to this, ERW-BD offers its unique advantages in the courtyard area. The lighting in the courtyard area was set into the land, bordering soil and vegetation at the base, and the team needed to pay particular attention to protecting the environment and avoiding the loss of toxic and hazardous fluids in the area. BROMOCO's ERW-BD is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable solution, which was used by the team to clean and prepare all the lighting fixtures, preserving the aesthetic integrity of the courtyard as well as BROMOCO's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Garden lighting restoration
Garden Light Pole Restoration and Protection

The location of Craigievar House added another layer of complexity to the project. The building is in close proximity to Aberdeen International Airport, where high levels of air pollution and noise could interfere with the restoration process. The proximity to the airport means that the building is exposed to higher levels of pollution from aviation exhaust. This pollution can lead to deeper contamination of the building's surfaces, requiring more intensive cleaning and maintenance. High concentrations of particulate matter and chemical contaminants from jet fuel accelerate wear and corrosion of the facade, making the use of BROMOCO's advanced EVB-23309E coating all the more important. This coating creates a strong barrier against these contaminants, ensuring that the building will remain protected and aesthetically pleasing for a long time with minimal maintenance.


Over time, vibrations from aircraft noise can cause facades to become more susceptible to micro-cracks and weaknesses, which can be exacerbated by environmental pollutants, and the EVB-23309E coating helps to mitigate these effects by providing a flexible and durable layer of protection that absorbs and dissipates some of the vibrational energy, thereby reducing the risk of structural damage.

Throughout the Howe Moss Avenue project, BROMOCO's certified applications team demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence at every stage of the restoration process. By carefully addressing environmental challenges, utilizing advanced coating technologies, and adhering to sustainable practices, they not only refreshed the property but also ensured long-term durability and aesthetics. The thorough pre-survey and meticulous application of the ERW-PW, ERW-BD, and EVB-23309E coatings were crucial to overcoming the site's unique challenges, such as coastal weather conditions and high pollution levels from the nearby airport.

Reflecting on the results, the client was particularly pleased with the long-lasting protective effects of the coatings, which have significantly reduced maintenance needs. Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the project's success in meeting their expectations for durability and environmental responsibility. This project has reinforced BROMOCO's reputation for delivering high-quality, sustainable restoration solutions. Moving forward, the insights gained from the Howe Moss Avenue project will inform future endeavors, allowing BROMOCO to continue enhancing the longevity and functionality of structures in challenging environments through commercial building restoration.

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