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Taking away the main challenge of Candida Auris – Detection

Antibacterial coating against fungi, bacteria, including Covid-19

Candida Auris (C. auris) is likely to be the next threat to humanity with healthcare facilities struggling to deal with the threat.  The Fungus can cause an infection that is immune to modern medicine and has a mortality rate as high as 60%. You can read more about it in our summary here.

One of the main reasons C. auris is such a difficult fungus to deal with, is it is hard to detect. It is often misidentified as a different fungus and this misidentification causes delays in correct isolation of patients and allows the fungus to colonize more and more people.

Complete detection relies on specific lab testing that not all labs are able to conduct. And even if they can, the added time means the chances of the fungus, and the infection

Antibacterial coating against fungi, bacteria, including Covid-19

So, how do we get around this challenge?
The answer may be faster and simpler than you think, and it already exists. While fungi (along with bacteria and viruses) can evolve to become resistant to antibiotics and other medicines, they cannot change their fundamental organic make up.  This means that preventative measures which target fungi will continue to work, regardless of how many times the fungus evolves, or how many variants and strains of infection there are.

TOUCH Antimicrobial has been proven to protect surfaces against C. auris a well as all known bacteria, and enveloped viruses. In a recent trial a healthcare facility known to be contaminated with C. auris was used as a test site.  Two rooms where C. auris had been detected had surfaces treated with TOUCH Antimicrobial and tests were conducted on the treated surfaces and those that were not – in the same environment.  The coated surfaces showed a full reduction of C. auris while the fungus continued to survive and grow on untreated surfaces.


You can learn more about TOUCH Antimicrobial by visiting the website below.

Antibacterial coating against fungi, bacteria, including Covid-19
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