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repair anodised aluminium BROMOCO
Restore dull stained anodised BROMOCO
Bromoco restore dull anodised aluminium
Repair dull anodised aluminium BROMOCO
Anodised Aluminium Restoration BROMOCO
Protect anodised aluminium BROMOCO

AA 1665D - Anodised Aluminium Protection

Proven Long Term Protection

10 Years

Pioneering new technologies and introducing new products into the market, this has always been our objective. We have achieved this through extensive knowledge of the metals and substrates. We design and produce bespoke products and systems to restore and protect and do not use off the shelf products.

AA1665D is a  revolutionary Surface Finishing for finer finishing and unrivalled protection of anodised aluminium.

AA1665D coating has been widely used around the world as an aesthetic and indispensable finishing and protecting layer on  anodised aluminium products, structures, windows and curtain walling.

AA166D protects the surface from ingress, staining, bird droppings, bleaching and oxidisation.
1 litre of coating gives a coverage of between 35-40 square metres.

Anodised Aluminium Protection
AA 1665D
Anodised Aluminium
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